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WWW pages

Question: When there is JPEG, why do we still use GIF files for graphics in WWW page?
Well, the only two standard graphics files for WWW pages are JPEG and GIF. JPEG gives excellent compression, especially for photographs. It also gives 16.7 million colors, and has been designed to compress objects which have a good deal of change within the graphic. GIF files are limited in that they can only display 256 colors at a time (from a range of 16.7 colors). But GIF is very good a compressing graphics which do not have a great amount of change, especially small graphics, such as little images. The other great advantage is that GIF files support transparency, where parts of the images can be made transparent, so that the background color will be show wherever there is transparency.
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WWW pages of the past (Aug 2000)

August 2000.
This is my latest WWW page, and I think it is starting to look a little cluttered, as my original design isn't really coping with my new pages. Thus I'll be working on a new WWW design, which is relatively simple, and usable (not an easy thing). The design is based on a table (although it simulates frames, as all the sub-pages are built with the same table format. Most of the sub-pages have the same menu options on the left hand side column. As these are repeated graphics the sub-page does not have to resend these graphics images, thus, once the page has loaded, it should not take too long to load all the resultant pages.
  I've tried to minimize the usage of Flash on the main page (just in case that the Flash Player is not installed, but I've included a little graphic on the top right-hand side which displays the word Home, which gently appears, one letter at a time.

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