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Aug 2001 (Pt III)

The usage of the home page has changed over the past year or so. At one time it was a place that you wanted to place your fancy graphics, and maybe have a few of your favoriate links from it. It is now (on the best site) a portal to the rest of the site. Typically most of your links should lead from the main page. With my site I've not really been too happy about the layout of main home page, and I've not really spend any time at all the actual layout. Thus I've decided to give it a quick five minute readjustment. So here it is (move your mouse over the page for some hints):

The previous home page can be viewed here. Many of the new graphics elements are used to balance the page. The differences between the old and the new graphic are shown below. It can be seen that the main difference is that it looks a bit more professional, as the new graphic uses distortion, and transparency.

Old graphic
New graphic


Some simple graphics which provide links, and give the page a stronger banner feel than before.Non-linkable graphic, which provides the foundation for the banner.My essays, of course.New Cisco Academy logo, helps to provide a good balancing graphic below the main menu. This will be seen by the user without having to scroll downwards.The old WWW page was very two-dimensional. This new graphics make the page look a bit more three-dimensional.New graphic provides a good focal point. I've used the distort option in Fireworks to give the look of a photograph.A column balancing graphic, which helps to balance the column against the rest. It does not have any links in it so that there are not too many links on the page.The School of Computing graphic isn't really very nice, but I don't have anything else to replace it with.A very rough and ready Flash graphic. It's a bit basic, and needs to be updated.A little bit of user interaction.A liitle bit of graphics, which do very little, but reduce the number of links on the page.Page delimiter.My JavaScipt menu options.Some text to give the page a magazine feel.