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WWW pages of the past (Aug 2002)

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I've been revising many of my pages so that they are scalable in a browser. For this the pages are table-based with a width of 100%, and all the measurements of the cells implemented in relative sizes (such as 50%) rather than absolute values (such as 400 pixels). Every so often I've integrated a page which works well as a complete entity. The page below is part of my Code Snippets page, and shows how images can be dynamically loaded into Flash. I think it works well, as it's got some interesting pictures in it, along with some useful code.

I intended so have a differing colour background for each of the main themes in my pages (WWW pages of the past, Essays, Diary, CNDS, and so on), but I just haven't enough time to support this.

The one thing I think that is required for this page is to use the space on the left-hand column. This could contain some extra content, and maybe related pages.

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