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WWW pages

Some of the other graphic elements which I have used in the Cisco@napier page are:













WWW pages of the past (Feb 2002)

The banners on my pages have never seemed quite right, as I do not think that the blend in properly with the rest of the page. So I've updated the NOS page as an experiment, to give:

The new graphic is:

As you can see I've used a matte of blue around the graphic, and made it with a transparent background. When the blue background is added it gives:

The advantage of using the matte and transparent background is that the matte will always nearly match the background colour, even it is has a limited colour palatte.

and the previous graphic was:

which you can see it has a little too much yellow. I borrowed the look of the graphic and added a few new graphic elements.

I've done the same thing to the Cisco@napier page:

which I think works quite well. I love the warmth of the orange background, and gives the page a warmer feel, which sort of contrasts with the technical feel of the material which is presented. The graphics that I've added to the page also seem to smooth the flow of the page. My favouriate graphics are:

Step into the future. This, to me, illustrates how someone can step from one level of understanding to another level. Sometimes education can provide you with a foundation that was previously missing. It also makes me think of the future, and how it is so important to follow current technology, even though no-one really knows where it is going.


The final link. Education can sometime provide the missing link to give someone a complete understanding of a subject. Thus this graphics illustrates the adding of an element which provides a complete foundation.


Guiding-light. I like this graphic as it seems particularily revalent to eduction, where a shining light can uliminate a darkened room. Perhaps I have a rose-tinned view of education, but I personally feel that education can make a positive difference to people's attitude, and confidence.

But my favouriate new graphic is this one:

which I find strangle appealing, especially as it uses the Napier red.