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WWW pages of the past (March 1999)

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March 1999.
The earliest one I can find is from March 1999. I used frames for the main page (which now look a little dated, but at the time frames were seen as the best way to design pages). The main page had three main frames (top, right and main). The top frame had five main options which changed the menu options of the right frame. The top frame include the following options:

Home. This set the page to the Home page [See March 1999 (main)].

Books. This allowed access to information on my books[See March 1999 (books)].

CV. This gave a very basic HTML-based CV.

Pictures. This displayed some of my Web camera pictures.

Research. This gave some information on my research [See March 1999 (research)].

Here's the graphic that has used to create the notepad effect:

It is actually 1000 pixels long, but I've truncated it.

March 1999 (research)

March 1999 (books)

March 1999 (classes)

March 1999 (main) [Expand]





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