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WWW pages of the past (Mar 2003)

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The home page is often the page that is left on its own, where it is either just a page full of links, or it is not consistant with the other pages. As I've been changing a few pages, such as the research pages, the CNDS page, and the design tips pages, I've decided to change the layout of the home page from a double column format to a single column format. I don't think it looks as nice, but it shows more consistantly in a range of WWW browsers. For some reason NetScape Version 4.0 doesn't seem to handle tables as well as it should. I've enhaced the page by adding a single row with a solid blue bar, which splits the page up into sections. I've also changed the tint of the background colour in some of the articles to add a little bit of interest:


The previous one had two tables, and although it looks better, it is not really compatiable with NetScape:

If you're interested, here it is:



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