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WWW pages of the past (Mar 2003 - Pt 3)

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As I've said many time on these pages, I'm amazed at how fast WWW page design has evolved, thus I've been compiling been working on presenting some of the WWW pages of the past. I've layed the page out in a linear fashion which each of the pages displayed in the page [History of CNDS page]. Thus I've decided to try and display them in a single movie, which should make it easier for the user to navigate between the screens. Here's an example of the movie I've produced.


CNDS pages of the past

If you're interested, here are the previous versions. There's no guarentee that they will still work, but you can give them a try:

-Feb 2003
-Nov 2002
-July 2002
-Nov 2001
-Sept 2001
-Aug. 2001


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