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WWW pages

Some new graphics elements are:








WWW pages of the past (May 2002)

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I'm going to change the presentation for this page, and use some poster graphics, rather than WWW pages. The major problem with WWW pages is that they lack the preciseness of a properly design poster. So we'll have a look at a few simple poster examples, and try and identify good design layout, which could be used in the design of WWW pages. First I've taken the skull graphic that I presented in my Design Tips section, and added some PhD-related text:

TIP: How did I get this graphic into the WWW page? Well I drafted it in Microsoft Word, and then zoomed out so that the page fitted into the screen, and then pressed Alt-Prn Sc to capture the screen. Next I pasted it into Macromedia Fireworks, and cut out the poster, and pasted it into a new image.

There are two main focal points on this graphic: the skull and the 'A' graphic at the start of the text. The skull is an obvious one, but the other is actually more important, as it is the focal point which attacts the reader to the text. It's amazing how simple graphics like this can dramatically enhance the overall look of a design layout. The grey box gives the graphic a modern feel, and the text is nicely laid-out with clean lines.

Let's try a few other ideas, and see which one works best. A graphic produced for the Distributed Systems and Mobile Agents group is the bug-eyed alien, so let's you that:

which works resonably well, but I do not think it has the same impact as the skull-based graphic. Finally we'll use our little burglar, which was a graphic that I rejected for the logo for the research group, but it may work here:

Finally we can view the posters as a Flash movie (based around a reusable shell):





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