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[The GIF debate]
This article discusses that GIF has a patent which was filed by CompuServe and Unisys.
PNG: The future?]
The future of the GIF format looks limited as developers may have to pay for the usage of the format. Thus PNG looks to be the future.

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Every computer (or node) on the Internet requires a unique address, which is known as an IP address. An example IP address is This address identifies the loca-tion of the computer. Devices could routers are used to pass information about the location of destination IP addresses. An IP address can either be permanently assigned to a computer, or they can be allocated to them dynamically, when they required the IP ad-dress, with a DHCP server which contains a table of IP addresses. This table could be generated from a pool of addresses, or could be based on the physical address of the network adaptor. This gives enhanced security.
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WWW pages of the past (Oct 1999)

October 1999
My pages took a little bit of an artistic detour in 1999, as I discovered graphics packages. Unfortunately, at the time, I really didn't have the skill to properly construct the graphics (as you can see from my attempts).

The main new elements I added was animated GIF files, which added a little bit of movement to the page. By present standards it looks pretty basic, but at the time it looked state-of-the-art. I've included a few of the animated GIF files, if you're interested (of course I didn't do them with transparent backgrounds at the time, as I didn't know about such things):

At the I decided to try and generate some distinctive graphics which would give the WWW site an original feel. Thus I drew the little animated GIF below. It's hardly the best logo in the world but it has some nice gentle colours in it. As I have said previously, I did not know about transparent backgrounds, so it has a blue background to fit in with the index frame on the WWW pages.

<img src="IMAGES/home.gif"
width="57" height="50" border="0" align="right">

The graphic itself is 192x211, thus this is very inefficient, as the full resolution of the graphic is sent. A much better solution would have been to scale the graphic down to 57x50, as this is the resolution at which it is displayed.

Something that was quite distinctive was the graphic with covers from my books. It looks a bit dated now, but it look really good then. Here's a copy:

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Oct 1999 (main) [Expand]

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Oct 1999 (research) [Expand]

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